Technical Analysis

This feature is free to all full clients via the InterTrader web-based platform.

The tools frame can be found to the right of the trading platform. If it is closed click the double arrows to open the frame.

The Technical Analysis package within the online platform has everything you need to get chart smart. This clear and valuable investment research, provided by Trading Central, is available to all clients free of charge.

Trading Central supplies research to investors, traders and financial professionals worldwide. Our package includes full research notes on a huge range of stocks, indices, forex and commodities, identifying price movements, trends and timing changes. Trading Central has a track record of producing consistently useful and accurate research.


What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis, or TA, is the study of historical market activity with a view to predicting future market activity. TA can be applied to any market, and is not concerned with any notion of intrinsic value, but only with past prices and trading volume. As such the main tool of TA is the price chart.

A purely statistical analysis, TA attempts to discern trends in market behaviour, and to establish support and resistance levels based on market psychology. There are various types of TA, employing different chart patterns and different technical indicators, such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands or the Relative Strength Index, but they are all united by the assumption of historical recurrence: the idea that markets are identifiably repetitious.

A thorough TA can provide the basis for a trading strategy determined solely by price performance. TA is typically used to support more short-term speculation, while company fundamentals are used for longer-term investment.

For a full introduction take our free Learning Academy course on Technical Analysis.